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It’s all kicking off

Monday 5 February 2018

What do you think about when you think of February? Cold? Wet? Pancakes? Perhaps Valentine’s Day...( Yep don’t forget this or violets won’t be the only thing that’s blue) 

At Lowlander February is very very busy. All of the above are all featured whether it be a deliciously cold, wet half of Troubadour Magma, a cosy romantic meal at Lowlander on Valentines or, who can come up with the tastiest idea for a pancake( take this as an opportunity to give us your ideal pancake and we might just make it) 

Did you know February never existed once? Well it didn’t in the Roman calendar as they assumed ‘Winter’ to be a 'monthless' period. It also had many other names. 

Historical names for February include the Kale-monath named for cabbage and Solmonath meaning ‘mud month’.

This is ironic as the RBS six nations Rugby tournament starts on February 4th and we are showing it. Now I wouldn’t normally plug sports at Lowlander, I am sorry to admit that I am unfortunately in love with football particularly Birmingham City ( I know I’m a glory hunter right?!)  but it seems that this tournament brings our weekends alive. During this period their are many school holidays throughout Great Brexit sorry Britain and whole host of European countries inc France and Italy. Saturdays are always busy at Lowlander but these games shown live add a real zing and the atmosphere created by so many different people from around Europe, the world in fact sitting side by side just watching on as one big happy family. The buzz created is electrifying and makes Sunday’s even better. 


This said I’ve found some incredible beers for you to try for the next 6 weeks. I’ve tried to get some interesting ones throughout the England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland plus also some from Italy and France. This hopefully makes it a real celebration of beers from the 6 countries taking part in the 6 Nations. I won’t name them all but we have some wonderful new beers from Lost an Grounded- a Kellor Pils on draught from England. A Red Ale from Tiny Rebel called  Cwtch from Wales. From Aberdeen in Scotland we will be sampling a Pale Ale from the newly established Fierce brewery. From Ireland we will be getting in some interesting sours from White Hag and for the French and Italian beers you will have to stay tuned to our social media updates!! 


During every game we will be doing jugs of our own Lowlander Pils for just £15. In each jug you get 4 pints and for us it’s all about sharing with your friends, family, one an all. Making new friends whilst you sit along one of our linear tables, you sip and share as you lovingly stare at your team-cavorting in the mud. 


The boring stuff: we advice booking during this time as we do get extremely busy. Large groups maybe turned away without a booking. Jugs of beer only sold during the matches themselves. 


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Another reason to be beerfull in January

Monday 1 January 2018

It always hits. We all comment on it, sometimes people get it worse than others. It’s cold, it’s wet, we’ve spent all our money on Star Wars tickets and pop corn etc

Well there’s no need to get the January Blues when you come to Lowlander. The first 3 months of the year can be the most exciting for us..did I hear you ask why? Oh ok thanks for asking I will elaborate. January is the time we take stock of all the beers we have in the cellar. We normally have a lot of specials which we have kept back, not sold or we have been ageing them. On our menu we currently have 90 fixed beers. However on our specials boards guest lists etc we have many many more. Now is the time to showcase these ales and a very good time to buy as what we found last year was we order a few cases of [ example: toöl dangerously close to apricot] and when we sell out the brewery often doesn’t make anymore for this year or they don’t make it all -insert here sad face emoji:😩

There’s tons of good rare beer in our cellar at the moment we want you to try so please ask the team what’s in our secret cellar. I know for a fact there’s some hidden gems from Tilquan, De La Senne, Cantillon, Tiny Rebel and Toöl etc

Another reason to be beerfull in January is we then start to plan the next seasons beer specials and this is what I live for. Our goal is to get you the very best from  around Belgium and the rest of the world. We try to protect the little breweries as much as possible( last year so many got swallowed up by InBev, Diageo etc so we are constantly on the look out for new and exciting breweries. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as this is where we post the new beers we will be getting. For example I chap I know who frequents the bar every time he goes to a Freemasons meeting asked me to get Gordon’s Scotch ale in for Burns night on the 25th January. He said get this beer in I will bring 18 of us in every Thursday. Well, hope to see you every Thursday Patrick because I’ve got 96 bottles in just for you!

We would just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped support us throughout 2017. We are very lucky to have such wonderful patrons of our beautiful little bar and you really do help us move forward. 2017 was a tough year in many ways with price rises, rent increases and low and behold the great National Dairy crisis! We thank one and all and look forward to seeing you in 2018.

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Christmas style ale

Wednesday 6 December 2017

It’s said that the Belgians make the finest beer on the planet. No matter the trend the beer market is going through whether it be octopus sour ales, giraffe inspired bitters, or Stella McCartneys once used takeaway coffee cup to brew a oatmeal fashionista stout, it always comes back to Belgium’s finest. Christmas is very good time for Beer but it Belgium you can dial that notch up by about a gazillion. Many breweries make a ‘Christmas style’ ale and every year there’s many more trying to hone in on that market. These traditionally are made with warning spices inc cloves and cardomen and are often darker in colour and higher in ABV. Interesting this year breweries from all over the world are brewing their own versions from Lervig in Norway, Toal in Denmark and even Tiny Rebel in Wales ( we have all these in stock by the way), best name so far is ‘you snows it’s Christmas’ from Tiny Rebel.
For us it would be rude however not to focus on Belgium’s finest Ales.

This year we have Christmas beers from St Feuillien, Gouden Carolus, La Chouffe, Bush but star in show this year is the Delirium Noel. From the Huyghe brewery in Melle, this will be available on draught and in bottle. This is a staff favourite and is sure to make your Christmas. This Christmas forget Octopus Sours and Bitter giraffes but do  stick to the pink Elephants.

Christmas style ale - 12/6/2017 12:00:00 AM (Delirium Tremens.jpg)

stocking fillers..

Tuesday 14 November 2017

Looking for that ideal Christmas present? Confused what to buy that special person in your life, perhaps you have more than one. You maybe so lucky that all your 6 tinder dates in one week have all shown significant promise and you may be thinking what to get each or those delightful peeps....


Well look no further, no more stress. We have the solution. Not only do we have specialist gift packs, we also do mixed cases where you can chose your own or, better still let us know what they like and we can chose from our extensive range of cellar secrets. From Blonde to Brown, Amber to Pale we have style to suit all.


It’s a good time to be thinking of giving, as our beer list is the best it’s ever been. We try to lead the way with our carefully picked exquisite list, both on draught and in a bottle. We currently have some Prearis jack Daniels barrel aged stouts( extremely rare), the world renowned Cantillon lambics, a Beavertown collaboration with Fire Stone Walker, Siphon Blinker and new in stock is St Bernardus Christmas and Delirium Noel.

Stock is limited,so best get in quick to fill those stockings...Ho Ho Ho

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Personalised bottles of Vedett for Halloween

Tuesday 10 October 2017

We take Halloween very seriously at Lowlander for our bar is actually haunted! Situated in a building, which is over 200 years old we have seen the odd ghost or 2 over the years...especially in the never ending cellars which seem to go on and on. Reports of figures moving around and shadowy figures have all been reported. I myself have seen shadows appear in the cellar and I had only had 7 pints and a couple of spirits.

The building that houses the Lowlander is a long standing structure, that has withstood many elements throughout history and Covent Garden being a historic area, you're bound to bump into a few ghouls. 

This Halloween we thought we would spoil you rotten and have provided a great selection of beers to help with the festivities. The scarily good range will consist of Troubadour Magma, V for Vedett IPA, La Guillotine,Lucifer and Satan.

Dan from Duvel Moortgat has also lent us the vedett labelling machine, so exclusively on Halloween itself you will be able to get your very personalised bottles of Vedett between the hours of 6-8.

There’s lot to look forward to at Lowlander so between the 27-31st we advise you book a table to ensure you don’t miss out..

Personalised bottles of Vedett for Halloween - 10/10/2017 12:00:00 AM (Old_houses_in_Drury_Lane.jpg)

Oktoberfest festival

Friday 1 September 2017

This year Lowlander celebrates Oktoberfest bigger than ever before. Oktoberfest started in Munich in 1810 and story behind it is quite a fairy tale in itself.
To celebrate the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig and Theresa of Saxony-Hildenburghausen ( a countdown contestants worst nightmare in word game) the citizens of Munich were invited to the festivities on the fields outside the city gates to celebrate the happy event.

Oktoberfest is now rated as the largest festival in the world with over 6 million visitors each year! At Lowlander, we aim to make the 184th festival the biggest yet. We have teamed up with Paulaner and Hacker Pschorr to bring you their very own variations on this classic Marzen style lager. Real ale drinkers normally love this for its malty base and complex flavours as it's normally served ice cold and adds to the refreshment. Not only we will Oktoberfest available on draught and in bottles, we are also for month of September celebrating some of Germany's finest other beers such as Augustiner Edelstoff, Hacker Pschorr Munich Gold, Hacker Pschorr Kellerbier, Gaffel Kolsh and more that will all be on rotation. Our specials board will have a German theme with variations of Pretzel snacks along with our very popular German sausage board.

The Oktoberfest beers will be available from mid-September but for more info and what's coming up follow us Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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Back to the classics

Wednesday 2 August 2017

In August we normally celebrate Summer but where has it gone! True to form as soon as the kids break up the rain starts. It seems the last couple of months we have focused on celebrating ales from everywhere apart from Belgium by doing British and American beer festivals. When we opened back in 1994 we only had a small range of only Belgian ales-60 to be precise. Back to the future and now we have over 150 Belgian  ales and another 150 from around the world.

August we are simply going badly to the classic Belgian ales which made us famous.
The dream team line up includes all the Trappist ales from Belgium including Orval, Westmalles, Rochefort, Chimay and Achel. We are also championing some of the newer breweries such as De la Senne, Popperings and Toye and a range of new micro breweries which you will be able to find out from following our social media pages.

Back to the classics - 8/2/2017 12:00:00 AM (back to.jpg)

The American Beer festival

Friday 7 July 2017

Every July we do an American beer festival to coincide with American Independence Day on July 4th. The recent trends from across the Atlantic have brought a big focus on DIPA's, meaning double Indian pale ale style beers packed with double the amount of hops used in the brewing process inc dry hopping. These beers have the signature bitter tastes yet often punchy tobacco flavours often surround the much stronger DIPA's an often citrus tones to give them a slightly more refreshing finish. At Lowlander, we appreciate all styles of beer so we thought to ourselves, London’s enjoying somewhat of a heatwave of late so let's try and find some ales which are more lighter, fruitier with slightly more interesting characteristics you wouldn't automatically associate with the traditional IPAs and other styles. We kick off with range from Kona brewing company. Their small batch range includes Big Wave golden ale which is making a Big splash on draught!  There's also Lemongrass Luau infused with lemongrass, Hanalei which uses Orange and Guava in the brewing process. These beers are just the start for July and for the rest of the list you will have keep an eye out on our FB, Insta and Twitter channels. Talking about channels if you like the tennis we are showing the Wimbledon tournament!

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Thursday 1 June 2017

For the month of June Lowlander will be doing our own British beer festival to coincide with Britain's national beer day on June 15th. This date was chosen because 15th June is also the date that the Magna Carta was sealed in 1215 and ale is mentioned in clause 35 Magna Carta, which stated:
Let there be throughout our kingdom a single measure for wine and a single measure for ale and a single measure for corn, namely 'the London quarter'

Beer day Britain was instigated and driven forward by beer sommelier, writer and drinks educator Jane Peyton.

We have chosen some hard to find to British beers both on draught in a bottle. We try to champion the smaller breweries and also the up and coming ones. One thing we are passionate about is giving you the chance to sample some of the very different beer styles around and have put together a varied and exciting list. Stocks will be limited so be sure to check our Facebook, twitter and Instagram feeds to check out availability.

Here is a list of some of the beers we will be showcasing and hope you enjoy!

Beavertown Gammaray
Beavertown Neck-oil
Siren Hop Candy
Siren Maiden
Siren Bourbon Milkshake
Siren Tea Party
Tiny Rebel Club Tropicana


Gypsy Hill Walloon Belgian style IPA
Lost and Grounded Saison d'avon
Siren white tip white IPA *
Thornbridge Wild Raven black IPA
Wild beer company Ninkasi IPA *
Wild beer company Evolver IPA

Not all are on the list above so you will have to join us to see the full range!


June - 6/1/2017 12:00:00 AM (Lowlander beer pic.JPG)

Our new website launch

Wednesday 26 April 2017

Today is the day we launch our new website here at Lowlander, which has some new and exciting features including this blog. Come back here regularly to see our up and coming events, All things Belgium and the cool things we get up to! Dont forget to join us tomorrow for Kings day formally Queens day where we will be celebrating and showcasing our best beers. Head over to our Cellar Secrets page and see what exciting limited editions we have in the venue just for you! 

Our new website launch - 4/26/2017 12:00:00 AM (600x512.jpg)